About us

We are the dreamers

Intergalactic Story

We are a team of humans that love to explore different dimensions. These dimensions are where new perspectives and ideas are born, the primary and main idea was bringing art to life through clothing. Each of our team members are huge fans of world-famous visionary artists. Our idea is to collaborate with these unbelievably talented artists and bring their beautiful digital and hand painted pieces of arts on to high quality garments.

Our products are all manufactured locally in Bangkok, Thailand at our own 800 square meter office / manufacturing facility / warehouse by a group of madly talented individuals who each specialize in their field of expertise, be it design, pattern making, technology, customer service or logistics.

We hope you have an awesome experience of looking at, buying and wearing our clothes and accessories. Sykedelic Dreams’ primary goal is to achieve and deliver beyond your expectations.

Meet the Artists

Bending time and space on the daily


“I derive my work from the huge amount of data flowing through a great field of energy in the form of light waves, symbols, dreams and trans-personal visions. The vast steam of information creates an unlimited potential for artwork where my input is minimized to a digital interface in which my awareness of infinity and abundance is materialized. The artwork is my contribution to the process of uniting all people and unveiling the realization of their light-carrying potential for the benefit of all beings.”

Luke Brown

Born in Ontario Canada into a creative and supportive family, Luke received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ontario College of Art and Design. ​ Luke paints in oils and acrylics as well as utilizing digital mediums in his explorations of the infinite inner expanse. He is best known for his obsessive attention to detail, using the smallest brushes available. He is also passionate about creating multi media sculptural works. For the past 17 years, he has exhibited worldwide and alongside Alex Grey, HR Giger, Ernst Fuchs and Robert Venosa.

Purple Cube Art

“My work represents clearly who I am as a person, and it’s usually developed from my own perspective, it includes a trippy, realistic, psychedelic and most importantly a fun vision that I show people through my digital artworks, with a work process fulfilled with good energy and fun vibes only.  The purpose of my artwork is to make people open deep discussions through a variety of designs, make them question things and have fun in the process!”

Luis Tamani

My main inspiration and motivation is nature with its colors, geometries and textures. They provide my brain with connections with my ancestors, allowing me to capture the consciousness and truth that nature has for the world.

Eloh Projects

Art is with me in all moments. There is not a glimmer upon water that I do not dream of capturing with the pen. What a responsibility to communicate visions from celestial realms and how beautiful the opportunity to fashion worlds and creatures yet to exist.


After a three-month tour of Brazil in 2012, where Andrii participated in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with native indigenous elders he established an divine connection with his spiritual friend Fetex. Andrii revealed his potential in a visionary perception of art and began to create art works using various tools.  He tries to present each work as a powerful energetic message, investing in each of them a sacred meaning and message. My mission is to Connect soul mates – fill this world with magic and give love through every vision.”

Ihti Anderson

I started as an artist in 2005, initially doing artwork at psychedelic music festivals. As is life, things evolved and my projects grew bringing my artwork to many different forms. I believe that art plays a very important role in humanity. Art opens doors to other dimensions, into worlds of the subconscious mind, expressing what is hidden from the naked eye that allows me to present entities and objects that cannot be explained or touched on in any other way. To emphasize this information, I use signs and symbols from different cultures as well as sacred geometry. I didn’t study art but I drew without giving it much thought. At some point I noticed that I was downloading a lot of information through this natural activity and it was as if a reminder of what and how I should be doing things. A very important role is also played by the imagination that has no boundaries. 

Siberian Project

I seek through my art to capture visions that can only be appreciated in the dreamlike world and altered states of consciousness.  In my work I seek to combine esoteric and occult symbolism with sacred geometry creating an image where different elements of this plane such as faces and animals are transformed and merged with the previously named elements. My mission with art is to awaken feelings in observers by showing them alternate universes that they don’t dare to visit, and to become a visual information gateway for those who are willing to observe.

Jungle Eye - Ashley Christudason

Exploring realms teaming with psychedelic manifestations, Merging realities beaming with Electro-Astral incarnations, Harvesting visions from the infinite, Unveiling our collective subconscious via pixels so intricate. A living fractal with cosmological beginnings, Evolving self realisation, journeying towards the within. My life’s mission still in determined pursuit, To synthesise the singularity through divine visual alchemy.

Yantrart Design

My name is Guifré Urgell Tasies (Tàrrega, 1988), creator of Yantrart Design Illustration Studio. I am a Spanish freelance Illustrator, artist and designer with an obsession for geometry and how it is related to the natural world we all live in. Expressing my inner visions of how I understand this geometry, my work explores the realms of the Sacred Geometry, the Visionary art, the Esoteric, the Occult, the Symbolism, the psychedelic… I like to charge my pieces with a deep meaning, usually related with natural elements.