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Metatronic (JU)
Michelle Latona (Oak Park, US)
so many compliments

I absolutely loved this bodysuit. It was so comfortable and easy to wear. It was a hot festival day and I felt great. It breathes great and I never felt hot or sticky in it.

Neon Nights (JU)
Kristi (Phoenix, US)
Ready for a Neon Night!

I love one pieces! Always get compliments on this thing. It is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of.
Got mine in a medium, but I should have got a onesie in a small to avoid the suit fabric lifting in the waist/back area. Nonetheless, still love my purchase.

Metatronic (JU)
Shannon Cox (Port Coquitlam, CA)
Very fun jumpsuit

I loved the design of this. It's a perfect one-piece for a night of raving.
That said, the fit was a little strange - chest/shoulders felt very tight under armpits (ended up having to extend and lower the straps), torso fit well, and legs were a little loose/long.
My size, for reference: 5'3" 190 lbs 35J bra size - purchased 2XL.

Shamanic Light (CP)
Brandon Neldner (Lake Arrowhead, US)
Shamanic Light is my new favorite hat

I have ordered 5 hats and enjoy wearing each of them. I would say that the Shamanic Light is my favorite and is also the hat I have received the most compliments with. The cubed molecule hat is my second favorite. The hats are made extremely well and attention to detail in the printing is noticeable. Also appreciate the unique shape of the front. I highly recommend these hats and products, they are addicting.

Asura - Ninja
Justine Pittman (Brisbane, AU)
Comfy and eye-catching!

I bought the 2XL and wore it as a t-shirt dress. It worked out great! It is super comfortable, made from a high quality fabric. I got so many compliments on it. Great buy!

Alpha Centauri - Ninja
Fabian III (Baton Rouge, US)
Excellent Quality and Perfect Fit - Sykadelic Dreams Shirts Are Impressive. Sweet Dreams!

I recently purchased six shirts from Sykadelic Dreams, and I am thrilled with the overall quality and fit they offer. These shirts have truly exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

First and foremost, the quality of the Sykadelic Dreams shirts is outstanding. The craftsmanship is top-notch, evident in the attention to detail and stitching. The fabric used is durable, and I have noticed no signs of wear and tear even after multiple wears and washes. These shirts truly seem built to last.

In terms of fit, I couldn't be happier. The shirts are designed in such a way that they provide a great fit for my body type. They neither feel too loose nor too tight, striking the perfect balance. It's clear that Sykadelic Dreams has put effort into creating shirts that cater to different body shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for all.

One impressive aspect of these shirts is that they do not bleed color or shrink after washing. I've had bad experiences in the past with shirts losing their vibrancy or becoming smaller in size, but with Sykadelic Dreams, I have had no such issues. The colors stay true, and the shirts retain their original shape and size, maintaining their pristine appearance.

Another unique feature of the Sykadelic Dreams shirts is their high reactivity to UV light. When exposed to ultraviolet light, these shirts exhibit a captivating reaction, adding an extra element of style and intrigue. It's a fantastic conversation starter and definitely adds a touch of personality to my wardrobe.

Overall, I highly recommend Sykadelic Dreams shirts to anyone in search of exceptional quality and a perfect fit. The durability, non-fading colors, and resistance to shrinkage make these shirts worth every penny. Plus, the UV reactivity adds a fun and eye-catching dimension to your outfits. I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and look forward to adding more Sykadelic Dreams shirts to my collection in the future.

Fabian Blache III
Baton Rouge, LA

Angel of Arcturus (MD)
Meileen Davanger (Exeter, GB)
Summer dream

It suits so elegantly, colours vivid and bright and white and the patterns excuisit! Love the feminine touch and that it is UV reactive as well!

Fractal - Ninja
miceal (Dublin, IE)
standing out in da crowd 🕺🕺

the colours on this top are off the chart🔥🔥banging,great quality,got within 5 days and ordered size small for fitted look,can't wait to wear it to Tomorrowland 2023🥳🥳

DMT Mandala - UV (HD)
miceal (Dublin, IE)
snazey hoodie🔥🔥

great delivery within 5 days,colours are amazing ,quality is very good and can't wait to wear it to Tomorrowland 2023🥳🥳 I got a size small coz I like the fitted look

Metatronic (JU)
Charlotte Guy (Telford, GB)
Love it!

I was so indecisive about buying one of these, being curvy, 78kg/12st12lb and only 5ft3” apparently the size chart does not cater for my stature… however I am wearing an XL, I’m a UK12-16 (lol which makes no sense) it is a little more revealing than I’d like with the very low back & chest - personally I’m gonna wear a bralet or something underneath but I can’t wait for festival season!
There’s a little stretch but not much so it feels quite thick and figure hugging, holding in all the right places for a flattering fit, I am very happy with it! Would order another again

Rainbow Totem (SV)
Alejandro Fasce (Perth, AU)
Rainbow totem

What a great tank top i just loved it every time i go a festival..! Nice fabric and very good quality and it glows like hell 🤣🤣❤️❤️
I bought lots of products from sykadelicdreams they just rock.
Peace, love and party 👏👏👏🍄

Metatronic (JU)
K.L. (Warsaw, PL)
Great catsuit

It is wonderful thank you. I cannot wait to see it in UV light. I am 183 cm tall and 72 kgs and I ordered 2XL

Metatronic (JU)
Holly Hall (Stockport, GB)
Amazing and comfy

Amazing and comfy bodysuit. Looks cool and stands out from the crowd I want them all.

Petra 2020 - UV
James Lavallie (Minto, CA)

Love this towel when I go to festivals it acts as a tapistry and a towel.

Shry Vishnu - Slim Fit
Ronald Fernando (Redlands, US)
Good Quality Shirt

The shirt was excellent quality and fit. The shirt is UV reactive as advertised however this particular pattern didn't pop as much as I was expecting. I was a little disappointed that the back of the shirt is plain black

Raising Color (HD)
Theo Krützkamp (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
My 2nd skin

Don't want to not wear this jacket, when it's in the waching machine i feel depressed :'D

Reptile Eye (CP)
Theo Krützkamp (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Reptile eye on the head

Love the stare it gives people 6.6

Shipibo Earth (JG)
Theo Krützkamp (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Shipibo style with reptile eyes

As you can see, love the style in combination with the jacket and the cap, as all, very high quality, good washable, very intense colours.

Octo Gold(JS)
Theo Krützkamp (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Octogold shorts

I love them, used to train with them and got a lot of views :)
High quality materials, very thick fabricated.

Neon Nights (JU)
Candice Cannon (Philadelphia, US)
Fits Perfect

I love how this outfit looks on, it’s perfectly form fitting!!

Galactic Butterfly (TS)
anthony sieber (Buffalo, US)
Fantastic Company + Product

This short was an awesome purchase. Exactly as specified. I also had a few question for the company and loved their customer service. They gained a customer for life! Take a look at the shirt below under a blacklight to see how it looks. (This is under a 50w blacklight)

Asura - Ninja
Robert Bunda (Oceanside, US)
Beautiful, vibrant, and comfortable

The shirt is very comfortable and well made. I look forward to wearing this at music festivals as it's definitely very unique and hard to miss. I like the built in mask as it's stylish and functional given that we're still in a pandemic. Shipping was quick.

Retu Sepra (JU)
Deborah (Trondheim, NO)
Amazing customer service

The bodysuit looks absolutely stunning and I feel very sexy and psychedelic in it. I bought mine just when they were transitioning to a new pattern, which they kindly mailed me for free and from their own initiative, despite that I had received the old pattern. New pattern fits perfectly and no longer encounter the issues of the previous one. I got so many compliments and some girls already asked me where they could buy it. The delivery is astonishingly quick : the first time it took under 48h for the parcel to arrive from Thailand to my hands in the middle of Norway. The 2nd time it took 48h+ and that's because there was the weekend in between. That's still extremely quick. Pretty sure this company uses some sort of interdimensional delivery services. 😆🛸👽 Also I had no requirement for extra toll and VAT fees, which can be a real boomer in Norway. I'm totally going to order the 2 other bodysuits that look stunning too. (On the pic I wear the old pattern btw) sizing with new pattern for me is L, and these are my current measurements :
•height: 1m66
•chest: 90cm
•waist: 75cm
•hips: 103cm
•weight: 65kg
I hope this helps anyone for reference. 🙏🏻

Metatronic (JU)
Chrystyna Krechtiak (Birkirkara, MT)
I loved it . In UV light is bomba !!

Hi, I got by accident through Instagram to this website and it was just right time .I needed some costume for UV light and this one is just perfect :) looks
at the photos . Perfect fit. Stands out

Metatronic (JU)
Chrystyna Krechtiak (Birkirkara, MT)
Hypnotizing pattern. Beautiful Colour

I am
Happy with this purchase. Fast delivery and great product.

Just like on the photo